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If Sandy can do it...

.. then so can you. 

Yes, folks. Now you too can be somewhat ok at this craft as she almost has become.

Here Sandy modestly shows off her second batch of fused pieces she made just after taking our one day Fusing Seminar With Louie (I'm not from Barcelona) Deeaz.

And now she has decided that this is the best way to be able to continue to afford wieners for her Mac’n’Cheese by making fused Christmas ornaments for all her friends and family.

And she’ll do so by taking the newest Seminar being taught by Louie-

Get prepared now for the Christmas season & get your fill of fusing. Over the summer the staff ( Vanna & Voovoo to be specific) have been filling up the kilns with adorable fused Christmas themed ornaments. 

This seminar includes a comprehensive folder of patterns and inspiration, studio time, all fusings, some of Mikey’s bad jokes (don’t worry- not all of them). It will also include accessory glass such as stringers, noodles, glass rods and dots, some wires for wrapping, frits and powders,  all conducted under the watchful eye of your instructor. Louie will go over the basics of fusing and will teach various techniques related to making these ornaments (i.e. wire wrapping). 

Just bring your personal tools and fusible glass and get ready to rumble ( oops wrong ad).


We ship 12” x 12” squares regularly by Canada Post.

We also ship over 230 colours and styles of glass in 6" x 6" squares anywhere in Canada for a flat rate of $5.00 (five bucks!)!