Wholesale Info

Yup, the rumours are true.

As well as being the largest retailer in Canada, we also sell wholesale to businesses.

If you are a retailer, fabricator, contractor, artist, eccentric or designer involved in the stained/leaded/fused/torch working glass field, and can prove it, you can apply for wholesale status.

Open Letter April 2013

We have fielded many enquiries about wholesale purchasing at Fantasy In Glass since the bankruptcy of Hollander Glass.  We now must dwell on what to do next.

Let Mikey give you a few things to consider...

Fantasy In Glass is the largest retail supplier of stained glass, fusible glass and all related sundries and has been so for over 30 years. We have developed relationships with many suppliers over the years and have been able to procure supplies at better than market rates and in ever increasing quantity. This has allowed us to offer wholesale discounts to the trade at pricing near or better than Hollander Glass. Something we will continue to do.

However we are not Hollander Glass. While our selection is greater than Hollander’s was, the quantities are more in keeping with what to expect from a large retailer. We do not have a loading dock, or a banding machine and the assets necessary to crate, palletize and truck ship. 

In other words, we can service many of you at wholesale, but if you were the type of customer who received truck shipments then you might be best served by one of the American Wholesalers (for glass at least).

So if you qualify, consider the above, and wish to become a wholesale customer of ours, come on in- we’d love to service you as best as possible. As pricing is confidential to the trade, we will only share this information with you once you have registered and have been approved (applications accompanied by bottles of single malt scotch  get preferential treatment)

Our website is a virtual change purse of knowledge and is even occasionally entertaining. Mikey is particularly proud of the FIG Blog- Diary of a Demented Store Owner which foresaw the demise of Hollander Glass many years ago. But what we’re not so proud of is our catalogue which you should perhaps forego. Rest assured we do carry much more than it shows (see store tour here), and if you need price quotes and need specific quantities use this form for most and this for Sys96 fusible (and this for Bullseye Rodz on sale for torchwork) we’ll be glad to get back to you.

Sorry, but just filling out the application without valid

documentation support sadly doesn’t count)


Fantasy In Glass, 703 The Queensway, Toronto, Canada  (Tel: 416-252-6868/1-800-841-5758