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Regardless of quantity anywhere in Canada!

Yup! In 6" x 12” (5.25”x 12” for Wissmach- Vanna shrinks everything) across Canada for a lousy $9.88!

Wanna know how much you spent?

Use our pricelist and add $9.88/shipping. Simple!

We will also ship 12” squares and while we won’t guarantee no breakage we do try our best to pack and ship as safely as possible. (normal shipping rates apply on 12”)

Fusible 96 Glass

NB: With the uncertainty of Spectrum Glass, we of course would never let you down, and have brought in everything still available from Spectrum, and now Wissmach, Uroboros and Youghiogheny in Sys96 fusible! Total selection is 312 from the four companies!

Sys96 glass is also perfect for all your stained glass projects.

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Interested in all the buzz about Reactives, go here for a chart

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Spectrum and Uroboros

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Colours .......... Pricing ......... Order Form


Colours .......... Pricing ......... Order Form

139 colours

40 colours

102 colours

30 colours

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